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Un-diagnosed Piriformis for 3 years in desperate need for help, with an amazing result

"When I came to see Catherine earlier this year (02.01.2020), she was my ‘last resort’ as I had been experiencing some agonising pain for over a month. I was at my lowest point mentally and physically despite high levels of medication to try and mask my pain…without success.

Over the last 3 years, 3 GPs, 1 chiropractor and 2 physiotherapists had tried to cure me from sciatica which in disguise became more and more serious till my breaking point.

When I spoke to Catherine, she reassured me and gave me the hope she would be able to cure me. None of the previous specialists had been able to find the core of my problem. But Catherine did! She used a 3D body map to show me different layers of muscles and was this way, able to identify the area which needed close attention. The pain was coming from the Piriformis muscle which had hardened like a stone over time, hence this excruciating pain when I was moving as it was creating tensions due to the fact it is situated next to the sciatic nerve. This explained why none of the previous treatment had been successful as I needed a deeper treatment to reach the second layer of muscle where the Piriformis is located.

Right from my first session, Catherine did manage to remove the burning pain from my leg which was keeping me awake at night despite a strong course of Morphine, Codeine and Valium I was taking every 2 hours. After 3 consecutive treatments of FSN (Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling technique), I was able to be free from any medication and was starting to see the light at the end of a very long dark tunnel which had started 3 years ago.

Over the last 2 treatments, Catherine started a new technique called: ‘abdominal umbilical acupuncture’. This pain free technique aims at fully eradicating the origin of the pain by going back to the original cells of creation. I now feel 90% back to normal after only 6 weeks of treatment. Catherine is now working on the preventive aspect to ensure once I have reached the 100% pain free target, the pain is fully annihilated from my body.

Catherine is extremely gentle and would put you at ease prior to the treatment. She would take time to explain what she is doing and the impact it will have on the body area treated, always adding a little touch of humour. Having been a total novice in this holistic medical approach, I now am totally converted and would only swear by this type of cure.

I would highly recommend Catherine if you have any medical problems, whether mental or physical as Catherine’s revolutionary acupuncture techniques will succeed in reprogramming your body and mind. She is my little magical fairy and am so glad our paths have crossed.

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart dearest Catherine. I am forever grateful."

Peggy. B, Essex, UK

FSN acupuncture helped my stiff neck and pain shoulder

"I think I had the remains of the Covid infection - although it’s quite hard to be precise - and it has been hard to shake it off.

The Fu’s needling treatment seemed to be very effective, as it seems to turbo-charge the acupuncture treatment and get a better result more quickly. I recommend you try it."

Norman, Leicester, UK

Improvement of health with acupuncture after stage 4 incurable breast cancer

"Catherine’s acupuncture sessions have proved invaluable to me. Having been diagnosed with stage 4 incurable breast cancer in May 2018, I was unsure whether acupuncture was for me, however Catherine’s vast knowledge on both acupuncture and cancer, coupled with her unique perspective on life in general has really helped me to focus my healing. She is continually positive and inspires me every time we meet.

Catherine uses different techniques for my healing and even though I have 13 tumors in my spine I do not need to take any conventional pain medication i.e. oral morphine to keep the pain at bay. The sessions I have with Catherine not only treat the pain, but they also treat the actual root of my diagnosis enabling me to thus far, remain in a ‘stable condition.

I must also mention that following a particularly uncomfortable nights sleep I woke up with an excruciating pain in my neck and shoulder. I couldn’t turn my head hardly at all and was in a lot of pain. After only one treatment of FSN, and at the end of the session I had full mobility in my neck and the pain had reduced from 100% to 10%. The next morning, I had no pain whatsoever and have had no recurrence of the symptom since.

Recently I have started taking some herbal medicine from Catherine and since this, my blood results, which need to be at a certain level for my monthly treatment to continue, have improved. The taste of my concoction is very pleasant, and I enjoy drinking it.

Catherine is very professional and very gifted in her craft and I would encourage anyone who is considering acupuncture for numerous conditions to contact her."

Lin B, Essex, UK

FSN-special pioneering technique to treat Back, Neck, Arm, Achilles Pain successfully

"I first visited Catherine with a suspected trap nerve in my shoulder. Previously I have tried to have this treated by a Physio but was unsuccessful, it was only acupuncture which previously relieved it.

After my first treatment from Catherine to my back, neck and arm the pain was relieved by about 80%, by the third treatment, tension in neck, back and arm completely gone with full movement back in my neck. I have been to acupuncture once before Catherine, but her techniques differ considerably along with carrying out target exercises during the treatment, whereby the benefits are noticed quickly.

Whilst having these treatments I mentioned to Catherine that I had been seeing a physio for 2 months for pain in both Achilles heels, which feels like a vice on my ankles. Despite carrying out the exercises given to me by my Physio the pain remained and was even getting worse on really cold mornings. Catherine is using a new technique called Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling, with only one session the pain has subsided radically. Catherine is continuing to use this technique to treat my lower body and has given me some exercises to complete to assist in my recuperation as the tightness in my muscles in my legs has exasperated the Achilles problem. This was my last resort as the other alternative would be to have surgery which I want to avoid. Fingers crossed that with a couple more treatments from Catherine that surgery can be avoided.

Catherine is very knowledgeable and professional, and I will post once my course of treatment has finished, if you are suffering from long term pain I would recommend booking an appointment with Catherine."

Jon W, Essex, UK

Successful treatment for Shoulder Pain

"Hi I’m writing about a recent visit to Catherine. I’ve had an ongoing problem with my right shoulder/arm for many months. An ultrasound examination confirmed a case of tendonitis in the right shoulder. This was having an impact on my work and social life to. Following various treatments :- Physiotherapy , Electrotherapy, exercises, and also using a good quality infrared lamp, the condition had only improved slightly. Then following a work colleagues’ recommendation to try acupuncture, I booked an appointment with Catherine. The treatment given was Fu`s Subcutaneous needling (FSN). The result was amazing in the fact that I could now get full use of my right arm again.

I would also like to add how the professionalism and friendly nature of Catherine impressed me too."

Alan B, London, UK

Successful treatment for Neck, Shoulder Pain, and Ganglion, Heavy periods

"After injuring my neck around 15 years ago, I was getting daily headaches & migraines with constant neck & shoulder pain. I had tried chiropractors, osteopaths & monthly massages over the years but nothing helped or ever solved the problem. This resulted in me having to take very strong painkillers on most days & nothing ever completely got rid of the pain, they just masked it for a while & then it would return.

After only 3 acupuncture sessions with Catherine, my neck & shoulders are 100% better & the pain has gone. I no longer have the daily headaches or any aches & pains in my neck or shoulders. My neck used to click & be all crunchy when I moved it but now all of that has gone.

Catherine used a new technique called Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling or FSN where the needles actually went under the skin & she manoeuvred them expertly to help release the tension & pain I had in my neck. She explained how by stimulating the needles in this layer makes the tightened muscles relax, so the pain will ease & the body will heal itself back to health & this is exactly what happened.

She also worked on a ganglion that I have had in my wrist for over 20 years & after each session, it reduced dramatically in size by half, until it no longer bothered me.

Catherine spent time with me finding out if I had any other health issues. Looking at my tongue & doing my blood pressure, she prescribed me some herbal medicine to help ease my neck pain as well as other problems I had. For years, I’d had very heavy periods with migraines each month & again now after the medicine & the acupuncture, I have since had lighter monthly cycles with virtually no pain at all & no migraines either.

I cannot recommend Catherine enough for what she has done to help me. Not only is she a very talented lady at what she does but a lovely, friendly person who takes time out to make sure you are feeling the best you can be & I am so glad to have met her. I cannot believe how good I feel now. I have got my life back & am out of pain & this is all thanks to Catherine, she truly is amazing."

Tracy R, London, UK

FSN Acupuncture for Crohn's Disease

"I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease about 2 years ago and was put on tablets to help relieve the cramping pains I had in my stomach. The tablets stopped the cramping pains, but I still had a dull ache in my stomach, having tried acupuncture before I decided to visit Dr Cheng to see if she could help.

After a detailed consultation we decided to try Fu’s needling to help my condition. After just the first treatment my stomach felt a lot more relaxed so I booked in for a further 5 treatments which resulted in me gaining weight and less frequent visits to the toilet, anyone with Crohn’s disease will understand what I mean. This was back in March 2018, I believe Dr Cheng has helped in my recovery from Crohn’s disease along with my treatment I received from Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

I am now able to go about my life with minimal problems from my Crohn’s. I still visit Dr Cheng once every 2 weeks for some top up treatment. I would recommend Dr Cheng"s Fu’s needle treatment to help recovery from Crohn’s disease."

Daren Jay, Luton, UK

FSN Acupuncture for Severe Back Pain

"I went to see Mrs Cheng as I had sprained my groin which affected my back. I have suffered with severe back problems for 10 years now. i have got severe spinal stenosis which damaged my sciatic nerve, and my left foot and ankle has been numb for years now. I have been managing my pain for years but when I sprained my right groin it affected all my back muscles and my severe back pain got worse and all my lower body muscles became so painful that I was unable to walk for two and half months, I have never been so depressed and upset in my life before and was very worried that I will never be able to walk again.

I was in very severe pain, I went to seen this wonderful lady, and in a few number of sessions she got me walking and eventually my pains eased day by day . Although I have had a good number of sessions which were needed, I am now getting better and am at least able to do things myself and not relay on other people to help. I have always been very independent and active person and would hate to lose all that. My back problems are very severe but it has never got me down as it did this time and this great lady helped me immensely.

I would go to her for any other treatments if ever required because I have got faith in her. She is a lovely person, very understanding and most caring and very gentle. I very highly recommend her."

Tajinder S, Luton, UK

FSN Acupuncture for Dry Cough

"I had been suffering of cough for 2 months and the GP could not help. My whole chest was in pain from all the coughing and it was getting worse. I visited Mrs. Cheng and after 6 sessions of acupuncture, my cough has stopped. I felt better and better after each session.

I also got lots of useful advice on what else to do to stop the cough. The atmosphere was very nice and relaxing; it did not hurt at all, there’s nothing to worry about. I definitely recommend this service."

Daniela, Luton, UK

FSN Acupuncture for Trapped Nerve

"I experienced extreme pain in my shoulder with it shooting down my arm to my hand. I couldn’t sleep or make myself comfortable.

I visited Dr. Wang a number of times with the symptoms improving with each visit. Together with the exercises that Dr. Wang recommended, I am now totally pain free. I am very grateful and pleased to recommend Dr. Wang to others."

Keith, London, UK

FSN acupuncture healed my Plantar Fasciitis

"Dear Mrs Cheng, I would like to say a big Thank you! for your treatment you gave me. It has been a pleasure to meet you.

I have been suffering from pain on my soles of feet for about 5 months. I agreed to you use the large needles and I can recommend it to anyone who is scared. I have felt the pain relieved already after few minutes. It was unbelievable! I also, agreed to keep the tube in my legs for few more hours and I removed them 3 hours after at home. Fantastic feeling! I will come back if I had any problem! Thank you!"

Z. S, Luton, UK

Two treatments, the problem sorted out!

"As a graphic designer I use a computer almost constantly. Imagine my horror when I started to develop repetitive strain injury. I work freelance and it really threatened my career, as well as being quite painful.

Two treatments with John sorted the problem out completely. I also got some great advice about how to avoid it flaring up again. Like many others I felt suspicious of FSN acupuncture and felt it could be very painful. I found it really gentle but very powerful.

It really is comforting to know that in face of problems which mainstream medicine can do little to fix that there is an effective alternative."

Hannah K, Dusseldorf, Germany

I wish I have had FSN acupuncture early!

"In March of 2018, I had bilateral knee replacement. I experienced a great deal of pain with this procedure and had to take medications to attempt to relieve the pain. I live in Manchester and my friend recommended acupuncture to relieve my pain.

After one session of FSN acupuncture I was able to cut back on my medication. By the third session I could do without drugs completely.

The best benefit from the relief of pain was being able to finally walk downstairs in a normal fashion instead of going down one step at a time while holding onto the railing with both hands."

Jon W, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The first visit to the practice provided instant relief!

"I have a very stressful job as a Graphic Art Designer for a company. I had been feeling more and more tense around the neck and shoulders, until one morning I woke up unable to move my head or neck. It was very painful. I was recommended to this FSN clinic in Cambridge.

The first visit to the practice provided instant relief. The practitioner checked my neck and shoulder and then inserted a needle on my forearm. After few manipulations, my neck pain disappeared. It is like a magic!"

Afonso G, Lisbon, Portugal

I wish I would have had FSN early!

"I have been suffered from a frozen shoulder for six weeks and my left shoulder was very stiff and painful. I was recommended to have FSN acupuncture by one of my friends. I can to Alex’s clinic in Scotland.

After an assessment, Alex inserted a big needle into my neck and shoulder. I must say I felt nothing although the needle looks big.

After few wiggling, Alexi asked me to lift my left arm slowly and, in the meantime, he pushed and against my arm at the same time. After few movements, he asked me to lift my left arm again, I can lift my arm over the head with no pain at all. I just could not believe; it is like a magic indeed."

Judy L, Scotland, UK