FSN, stands for "Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling" which is a newly developed modern acupuncture therapy which achieves amazing clinical results. Invented by Dr Zhonghua Fu, Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling (FSN) therapy is now widely practised throughout China and also in European countries. It represents a modern innovation of acupuncture theory.

Traditional acupuncture is an ancient healing method developed by the Chinese over four thousand years ago. Traditional acupuncture is performed by encouraging the body’s own natural healing systems and to improve the body’s function.

This is done by inserting fine needles into the body and applying various stimulations such as manual stimulation, heat or electrical stimulation at very precise acupuncture points. However, owing to modern society’s different attitudes to the healing process and the requirement for a quick response, traditional acupuncture has been questioned by current scientific research. For example, in November 2017, the UK healthcare authority, NICE removed recommendation of acupuncture for lower back pain. These decisions are a huge frustration for the acupuncture profession.

However, it is also the time for traditional acupuncture professionals to change their attitude and to develop more effective healing methods. Acupuncture effectiveness needs to improve. Acupuncture theory and technique need to be adapted and to be updated.

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Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling (FSN) therapy addresses the necessity for improved effectiveness through the innovation of acupuncture theory and technique. FSN is now widely practised throughout China and also in European countries.

At present the FSN Association of Europe (FSNAE) comprises a small group of acupuncturists who are trained both in traditional acupuncture and in modern FSN Acupuncture. We anticipate that modern acupuncture, such as FSN, will be of great benefit to modern society owing to its quick response and safe nature.

  • FSN is a modern acupuncture method!
  • FSN is a safer and more effective acupuncture therapy!

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Although there are over 90,000 medical
practitioners in the UK and Europe
(80,000 physicians
& 10,000
traditional acupuncturists)
they are not all qualified to practice FSN.

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